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Good quality photos for real estate listings are ALWAYS super important, but even more so now.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect home owners selling their properties, as well as myself, all homes are to be photographed vacant, and always shot using a new pair of gloves to keep surfaces like door knobs and light switches clean.


Along with the need for top notch stills, virtual tours have become the new norm for listings to eliminate the need for multiple showings and decrease the amount of traffic wandering through homes for sale.

This technology is a massive convenience to both the seller and the realtor. 

The Iguide produces accurate measurements of each room, so you can put that measuring tape away!

It also provides an interactive experience to potential buyers, where you can click and drag on an area within the floorplan to see an exact measurement of a certain spot to be able to accurately place furniture in a space. 



Standard Photography

$100 Plus HST

*some conditions may apply

Add the IGuide for an additional $150!

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