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Shannon Duncan specializes in portraiture and real estate photography, based in Ottawa, ON.

I was always infatuated with cameras.

It boggled my mind how a moment could be suspended in time, and you could keep it!

In the form of film, print, and now for the last couple decades, digitally. 

Growing up, I was always involved in art. I loved to draw and paint, and play the guitar.

 I wasn't a very good student in school, in terms of smarts. I hated math (still do), and didn't have the patience or drive for academic courses. I was always drawn to the arts.

Luckily for me, in my final year of high school, a Photography course was introduced. My infatuation with the technology and the very idea of cameras had evolved even further and ultimately became my choice for College education [Algonquin College 2011]

After spending 10 years in sales to save up and build a life, in 2019 - it was time to pursue a career doing what I love.

"I use the word Imaging as opposed to Photography because there is more to my work than just taking a picture. Anyone can call themselves a photographer nowadays."

- Shannon Duncan



Tel: 613-868-7395

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